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Meissl & Schadn's
"Riding Schnitzel" Tour

Take a ride. Take a bite:
Vienna's culinary carriage ride.

Emperor Franz Joseph was considered a dutiful ruler. But that doesn't mean his didn't know how to enjoy his reign. He is said to have liked to take his meals while travelling by carriage. Takeaway before it became a thing. Of course we can’t say for sure whether the avowed meat lover was served Schnitzel, but our guests definitely can, thanks to our “riding dinners”. Our "riding dinners" let you ride through Vienna in a horse-drawn carriage – just like the emperor used to do – and enjoy authentic Wiener Schnitzel in the carriage. Served with a glass of sparkling wine.

Meissl & Schadn combines two musts of any visit to Vienna: sightseeing and the city's legendary cuisine. Guests are provided with the finest of Vienna’s cuisine as they pass by sights like Heldenplatz, the Hofburg palace, the state opera and the Albertina. Specially made tables make eating our delicious Wiener Schnitzel easy, even if the ride gets a bit bumpy on the city’s historic cobbled streets. And to make your experience even more unforgettable: A butler makes sure your sparkling wine glass is always full. It's a city tour just the way we like it!

In case you're concerned about weather, there's no need. If it rains or snows, you can snuggle up with a warm blanket in a covered carriage. And your Schnitzel won't get cold either.
Riding Dinner
Price for 2 people: € 469.00
Supplement for 3rd and 4th person: € 45.00 p.p.
Start & End: Augustiner Straße 1,1010 Wien
(Upon request and a surcharge of € 165.00 it is possible to start/end directly in
front of the Grand Ferdinand.)

Time and date: daily between midday and 6.00 pm
Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Guests start at the Hofburg and ride through the city with an intermediate stop at Meissl & Schadn. Once they arrive, they can see up close how Meissl & Schadn pounds out and fries Schnitzel and then serves it up in the carriage. The ride continues after about ten minutes, passing by the city sights and returning to the starting point.*

*Carriage ride through the city (4 seats per carriage), including a table, butler, 1 bottle of Meissl & Schadn sparkling wine, 1 bottle of mineral water and per person 1 Schnitzel with cucumber-sour cream-salad.

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